Baba Ramdev favours economic freedom; no to foreign products

The other day I happened to watch a show called ‘Baba online’ on one of the prominent TV channels after the Republic Day parade transmission was over. I was left confused when I heard the Baba (Ramdev)  talk absolutely against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy of foreign investments in the country. The Baba spoke of “arthik aur Sanskritik Azadi” meaning end to foreign investment which would bring in foreign products into the country and hence make people dependent on these products. While the prime Minister is canvassing for foreign investments which obviously means products made by these companies, the Baba exhorts that foreign products should be given up.

The Baba’s Patanjali which has grown from zero to turnover of lakhs is now aiming at a turnover of one lakh crore in next five years. The Baba claimed that he has no bank account till date and was denied a visa to the US  30 years ago for not having a  bank account, land property or even a wife. He was turned away that time without a visa.

The Baba claimed to have started his journey as the founder of Patanjali in 1995 with no resources except for a donation of 50000/- . It sounds surprising  that the Baba still does not have a bank account  when he plans to hit a turnover of one lakh crore in coming years. Where will he do his transactions from? No digital transactions? Does he not file tax returns and pay taxes through bank?

The Baba squirmed talking about Prime Minister Modi going to receive the Prime Minister of Israel to the airport. He asked the audience what was the population of Israel and then answered himself ‘just one crore’. He said that the country was ahead in science and technology.”People of my country should also be ahead in technology,” he said, only then will people of other countries will come to receive you at the airport and not turn down your visa application as was his turned down by US authorities three decades ago.


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