Be Ready for a Snap Poll

Before General Elections in 2019

Be Ready for a Snap Poll

The Modi government could go in for a snap poll much before the scheduled 2019 general elections. There are several indications to this effect. The third cabinet rejig done hurriedly the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to leave for China on 3rd September shows the urgency to make necessary changes keeping in mind the possibility of a snap poll surprising the Opposition which is still slow in its preparations for the general elections.

The Cabinet reshuffle is a pointer to the necessary preparations for a snap poll. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s directive to his cabinet colleagues to publicize the development work being done by them is yet another indicator.

Another interesting development is the election of Party chief Amit Shah and Textile Minister Smriti Irani to Rajya Sabha from Gujarat is an attempt to fill up the Upper House with party functionaries before the snap poll. Smriti Irani known for her being vocal especially against Rahul Gandhi has been given the additional portfolio of Information and Broadcasting which assumes significance in the scenario.

The win of Congress’ Ahmed Patel to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat has left the BJP ledership in a thinking mode.

While it is made to appear that Prime Minister Modi is trying to appease the voter in Gujarat by organizing a mega road show along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who laid the foundation for the bullet train, it could be misleading the Opposition and the snap poll could come together with the legislative assembly elections in Gujarat. The electric car manufacturing unit of Suzuki based in Gujarat also gives an impression that development of the State is on top priority just before the scheduled elections.

Prime Minister Modi had hinted in the past at organizing general elections together with State legislature are being pondered over the highest level.

The theory of a snap poll gets credence from the RSS reportedly suggesting to the BJP government about the ground reality which says that there is lot of disillusionment among the people and it may not be a cake walk to win the 2019 general elections for the BJP government.

There are several factors which may go against the government where it has not kept its promises, but, instead caused a lot of hardship to the general electorate.

 Adding to this is the recent interview of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to a TV channel where he has hinted that holding elections to different bodies is cumbersome and time consuming. He even went to the extent of saying that he was ready for a snap poll along with general elections in his State too. ”People’s expectations cannot be met if elections are held to different State bodies at different time. There is hardly any time left to work while concentrating on elections, ” he said.

Perhaps he was echoing the sentiments of his ” guru ” and mentor at the Centre.

The BJP leadership has also suffered a jolt losing the Delhi University Students Union key posts to National Students Union of India (NSUI) and in JNU Students Union all the posts were lost to the left by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), student wing of the BJP-RSS combine. These are indicators that the youth is definitely getting disillusioned by the BJP government which had promised millions of jobs.

The rising discontent is forcing the party top brass to consider a snap poll.

Adding to this is the Opposition getting stronger on its feet with Rahul Gandhi now ready to be the Congress party president which will bring many fence sitters back to the Congress fold. The BJP leadership does not want to give enough time for a united Opposition to get strong enough to pose a challenge in the 2019 polls.

With almost 19 months to go for Lok Sabha polls of 2019, the picture could change drastically and the Modi government is pondering a snap poll to surprise its opponents before the scheduled time.

The BJP leadership is looking for an opportune moment when it can show the electorate its achievements. It wants to whitewash the loss of GDP as a result of demonetization and let the dust settle down in case of GST.

In the days to come private foreign investment may not be forthcoming and could further lead to industrial production going down.

The much-touted ‘Make in India’ program is slowly losing steam except for government-to- government investment.

In order to keep the central government employees in good humour, the BJP leadership has already increased dearness allowance (DA) twice in the recent months.

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