“Silk and Spices” international festival became one of the biggest cultural events among national and international audiences. This year it will take place on May 25-26.

The event is aimed at promoting touristic brand of Bukhara region, attracting more tourists to the country, preserving the nation’s cultural heritage and further developing international cooperation in the areas of tourism, crafts and culture.

These days, organizers of festival are putting the final touches on the grandeur event.

The opening ceremony will take place in the world famous “Labi Hauz” square.

Masters of goldsmith, silk crochet, crafts, miniature art will conduct master-classes during the festival. Besides, a number of events including sports competitions, exhibitions of applied arts, screening of Uzbek national movies and performances of folk ensembles will also take place within the event.

Guests and citizens of Bukhara city are anticipating events like national “Makom” music performance, fashion show and “Palov sayli” national cuisine presentation.

Representatives of world and Uzbekistan business circles will have a chance to discuss prosperous projects in various areas within “Tourism and investment potential of Bukhara region” business forum.

Competitions on national wrestling sports game “Kurash” are expect to spark an interest among participants.
Gala-concert that will take place in “Bukhara” sports complex will wrap up “Silk and Spices” international festival.

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