The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, in a first, would be using solar energy to power its operations not just for auxiliary needs but for running its entire operations soon.

In an effort to cut down pollution and go green, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will soon be using solar energy for all its operations. The DMRC’s decision to go green sets an example not just for India but for the world.

A move in this direction has already been taken with the DMRC getting solar power supply from Rewa Solar Power project in Madhya Pradesh. This means the Delhi Metro project will be the first metro project in the world that will be completely solar powered.

Currently, the DMRC is receiving 27 mw power from the Rewa Solar Project which helps run almost 60 per cent of its electrical needs.
The plan is to increase this supply to 99 mw when the Delhi Metro Rail  will go fully solar, from its power needs for not just lights and ACs but also for the running of its trains as well.

The need to shift to non-polluting sources of energy is the need of the hour as the burning carbon-based fuels like petrol and diesel has caused severe damage to the environment, resulting in global warming that has already triggered climate change.

There would be a huge savings to the Delhi Metro due to the 99 mw as per unit cost of power will reduce from over Rs 4.50 to Rs 3.30.

The solar power received from Rewa Solar Power Project will be utilized for the operational as well as auxiliary requirements of the Delhi Metro. Till now, the DMRC has generated solar power on its own on the roof tops by installing plants installed and it used it for the auxiliary requirements such as lighting and air conditioning of stations, depots.

In 2017, the DMRC signed a power purchase agreement with Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company to get 24 per cent of the electricity generated from 750 Mega Watt Rewa Ultra Mega Power Project. The prestigious solar park will start supplying power to the DMRC from October.

On an average about 345 Million Units (MU) of power will be received from Rewa in a calendar year. In 2018-19, Delhi Metro consumed about 1092 million units (MU) of power for its operations.

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar power plant in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, has a total solar plant capacity of 750 mw.. It is one of the largest single-site solar power plants in India and the world.


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