Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Lubomir Zaoralek

According to the Czech Statistical Office’s latest published figures, the turnover actually exceeded 1,3 billion US dollars in 2016. However you are right there is definitely potential to achieve even better results…….  Read more….



Dr. Oskar Andesner,Commercial Counsellor,Austrian Embassy

India and Austria enjoy a friendship that spans more than six decades of their existence as modern nations. Austria was among the first countries with which independent India established diplomatic relations in 1949. Therefore, historic and long-standing economic relations exist between our two countries..…. Read more….



Ms. Samira Sulejmanovic, Head of Unit for Bilateral Trade Relations, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations,Department for International Trade Relations Bosnia and Herzegovina

Indeed, the bilateral trade between our two countries is quite modest. Even without in-depth analysis it is not difficult to identify some of the major conditions that greatly determined such situation in the past. Firstly, Bosnia and Herzegovina and India are two geographically remote countries.…. Read more…….