Fourth lion killed in road accident in Amreli

A lion was found crushed to death on the Rajkot – Mahuva highway in Gujarat on 22 November morning. Forest officials are reported to have said that the lion could have been crushed under a heavy vehicle like a truck. A post mortem report is said to have confirmed the death of the animal due to injuries in the highway accident.

The movement of heavy vehicles on Amreli and Gir districts has been endangering the lives of the lions which are said to be moving out of forest areas.

Amreli is said to have 130 lions according to the forest department. There have been three more lions being killed by vehicular traffic and train movement in the area which continues unchecked in spite of these lives being lost.

There are no speed breakers on roads being frequented by Lions in the region nor any extra corridors for the movement of the animals.

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