Germany continues to be one of the most sought after travel destinations for Indians travelling abroad. The country witnessed a 8.1 per cent growth with 921123 visitor overnights in 2018.

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO), India has forecast a 6 to 8 per cent growth in visitor overnights for the year 2019.

Germany is number 2 in the tourism market while first is Spain, said GNTO Director for India, Romit Theophilus at a press gathering at the Embassy in New Delhi.

The GNTO in 2019 promotes its worldwide campaign on the “Centenary of the foundation of the legendary Bauhaus movement in Weimar”.

Romit Theophilus said, the Bauhas is a lively school of ideas and a field of experimenting in the free and applied arts, design, architecture and educational methods.

The famous Bauhaus art school opened in Weimar in 1919, and during its short lifespan it moved to Dessau and then to Berlin. The architecture, art and design that was created there is still revered around the world to this day.

To mark the centenary, Destination Germany is inviting culturally minded travellers “to explore the birthplace of Modernism.”

Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy, Dr. Jasper Wieck citing proximity between Germany and India referred his visit to “Vibrant Gujarat” where he said the guests had to stay in Ahmedabad as there were no hotels at the site. A shuttle service took the guests from Ahmedabad to the venue and on way, he noted a hotel named Hotel Berlin and another one named German Palace.

Dr. Wieck said more and more Indian restaurants are opening up in Germany. Saying there was mutual curiosity on both sides, he said 60 per cent Germans have practised Yoga.

While the number of Indian tourists coming to Germany was on the rise, the number of Indian students has also gone up. There are now 17500 Indian students, he added.

Referring to the theme Bauhaus, Dr. Wieck said the legendary Rabindra Nath Tagore visited Weimar in 1921 and in the subsequent year the first Bauhaus exhibition took place in Calcutta.

Destination Germany launched its web-based Destination training module in December 2017. The platform has 4 interactive and informative training modules, is prepared so tour operators can easily access all essential information required to create interesting itineraries for Destination Germany.

The platform already has over 800 registered tour operators seeking to improve their knowledge of the destination and aiming at being certified Destination Germany Specialists.

In addition to the Centenary Bauhaus campaign, the GNTO is developing marketing campaigns on the major trends of culture and nature. In 2019 the “German Summer Cities”, the touristic offerings of larger cities and those in more rural areas, take centre stage as part of a worldwide marketing offensive.

On a concluding note, Theophilus stated “From mesmerizing natural scenic beauty, unique and fun traditions and culture, vibrant nightlife and lots more offered at the best value for every Euro spent, Destination Germany is undoubtedly one of the best choices for a European holiday.

He expressed hope that “more and more Indian travellers have the opportunity to explore this beautiful destination and experience it.”

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