Germany strongly in favour of FTA between India – EU

Indo- German relations are thriving and India remains the opportunity for German businesses, said Dr Martin Ney, German Ambassador at a press conference held in New Delhi ‘India and Germany-Technology partners for the Future.’

Advocating for free trade between Germany and India, Dr Martin Ney said, it is high time that Berlin and New Delhi sit down and resume negotiations in the connection.

Dr. Ney said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Angela Merkel took the decision that they were ready. Both the leaders agreed that for political and strategic reasons, negotiation between EU and India are important”. Germany is the sixth largest trading partner of India, he added. Machinery and parts are the main imports to India from Germany. The question is how do we bring about the industrial relations to a second point, Digitalization is an important part of our cooperation. Germany is looking at 4.0 industry digitalisation which has enormous potential in Germany.

Germany and India are natural partners in industry 4.0. India and Germany should join hands and set standards for others, said Dr Ney adding that a Free Trade Agreement is not only about import tariffs, the most important part is getting industry standards. He said I remember Chancellor Merkel  saying ‘India is very important, We need an FTA.’

Dr. Ney clarified that there had been no decision as to when the negotiation will resume. “I detect there was a willingness from the Indian side to resume negotiation and I am supporter of an early negotiation,” he added.

Addressing journalists, VDMA president Carl Martin Welcker said that India is the second largest market for German exports. VDMA strongly supports the “MAKE IN INDIA’ initiative and  EU’s negotiations with India to achieve a free trade agreement. “Both sides have vital interests that need to be reconciled. An agreement would significantly enhance the competitiveness of our industry in India while also open the EU markets further for Indian industry,” he added.

Rajesh Nath MD of  VDMA  said a market driven change is required for ‘energiewende’. There is no fear of losing jobs; progress creates jobs, he added. India should not be afraid of industry 4.0 standards. There is no fear of losing jobs.



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