Hotel Hunt


Corbett The Baagh

These were the lines that came to my mind of the famous poet William Blake as I drove through the dark forest road to reach my destination “Corbett The Bagh. ”  I had crossed the barrage and was at the “Dhela” forest check post. The barrier was down as I approached the check post. I stopped for a while and then blew the horn of the car. A forest guard peeped out of a barrack window, then came out and asked me where I was heading at this time of the night. ….. Read more….


The Lodge at Wah, Palampur

We waited impatiently, peering at the igloo shaped natural oven fired by wood. Just a few minutes away, the chef had placed a pizza base inside the oven and told us that it would take barely a few minutes for the pizza to be ready. And it did. With a homemade spade-like structure, the chef raked the oven and took the pizza out. It looked inviting, as the chef queried for any extra seasoning on the top of cheese melting down the sides. I readily sprinkled some oregano and chilly flakes on the crust. This was my pizza which I had made myself, selecting the toppings and cheese….. Read more….


The Tigress – Ranthambhore

As the car left the main road on to a muddy track, I thought we might lose our way as there was no sign of vehicle movement on the track. It was a desert-like area with scanty bushes around barren land. The bumpy track finally approached a huge structure with ‘Chhatris’ (domes) on top…. Read more……


The Kipling Lodge, Ranthambhore

The sky was overcast with deep grey clouds, ready for a downpour. The little breeze had stopped and the weather seemed to turn rainy. As I sat in the front verandah of my villa, tiny birds twittered as if sounding a warning for rain. Then it started to drizzle. Tiny drops of rain fell on the leaves of shrubs in the lawn beyond washing the sandy dust that had gathered on the surface of each leaf…… Read More…. 



Juna Mahal – Ranthambhore

There was barely any traffic on the road except for an occasional bike or truck that passed by. The weather was hot as the car ran towards its destination. The entry of the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary passed by as the car moved further on. Then it turned to the left and came on a road that was pebbled. Soon the road became bumpy Read more….


van bridge 3
Vanaashrya – Sariska


It must have been past midnight. All was silent except for the pair of lapwings that declared its presence in the darkness of the forest around. It was ideal time for the couple to enjoy their company with no humans round. I lay quietly in my bed inside the tent which was partially lit up with a dim light from the tiny lantern-like bulbs that glimmered outside. They seemed to be the only proof of human habitation.I was intently trying to catch the growl of a leopard or the roar of a tiger, if any, as I was within hearing distance from the nearby Sariska Tiger Reserve. But the carnivores seemed too silent for being tracked by human ears……… Read more…..

Tijara Fort by Neemrana
Tijara Fort by Neemrana forts & palaces

It’s precisely 105 kilometers from Delhi, spread out on a hill top in the Aravali range, the protective wall of the fort is dilapidated at many places, but restoration has been going on for a long time to resurrect the Tijara Fort-Palace, a fort, which according to a legend, was never completed by a Rajput ruler.The legend says — Rao Raja Bakhtawar Singh ascended the throne …... Read more…..



DSC_0711Dear Honourable Guest,
I am delighted to personally welcome you to our family property, “The Royal Heritage Haveli.”
My ancestors often entertained guests taking them for deer and wildboar hunts in the surround ing jungle on Queen’s Road, named after Queen Mary of England. During her visits to the Delhi Durbar in 1911, the Queen also visited Jaipur & took a drive to see the animals our private sanctuary. The days were filled with …… Read more

During the past few years I have often wandered in the desert of Rajasthan, aimlessly, admiring forts, old mansions, some dilapidated, and the carefree people in the villages who sing like a bird after sunset. Men play music and women dance singing folklore in coloured dresses. Musical notes from their traditional instruments vibrate through the heart giving a feeling of joy. Often I have stayed back at small places enjoying ….... Read more

VivaanaIt will not be wrong to describe Rajasthan as the desert State of India which is sprinkled with colourful culture where valiant royals ruled in regions of the State in yesteryears – the royals of Jaipur, the rulers of Jodhpur, the family of Udaipur, the legacy of Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner and many more smaller rulers many of whose deeds of valour are still sung by village bards across the sandy terrain of Thar desert. ….. Read more

Having travelled to Jaipur, the Pink City of the colourful princely State of Rajasthan, on several occasions, I have often preferred a place to spend my night at a peaceful location. There are many hotels spread out in the city which boasts of royal legacy, of Maharajas and Maharanis, forts and palaces, of decorated elephants moving up the Amer Fort and historic ruins that remind of a rich cultural past…... Read more….

aalia 3

Aalia, the resort along the holy waters of the Ganga in Haridwar, is spread out on a large piece of green patch near a tiny village that barely makes its presence felt. There are cottages big enough for a large family; each cottage can be further split into individual rooms for guests. Each room has a view to the large expanse outside – a view of the Ganga and the Nature surrounding it. The beauty of the resort lies in its location ; it is not stuck in the crowds of the town, ……. Read more.

The Bagh  It called loud and clear. The musical notes sounded as if the mates were being asked to return back to the fold at dusk. The peacock perched on the arched gate majestically turning around showed off the magnificent colorful feathers of its tail. Almost each call the male made, was returned by yet another one in the vicinity as females flew in one after the other. The family was returning back home after wandering in the fields in the day. ….. Read more…..