India got Euros 5 billion in past five years as developmental cooperation

Germany is an important partner for India as both believe in Constitutional principles, says  Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India.

Talking to newsmen in New Delhi on the occasion of 60th anniversary of development cooperation between India and Germany, Dr Ney said, “The partnership with India is in our favour. The country is undergoing dynamic economic development facing problem of increased energy consumption.”

In India, he said, 190 projects are underway five of which he listed as Indo-German Solar partnership, cleaning of the Ganga, making of smart cities, setting up of the metro in Nagpur and vocational training programs. India, he said, is the biggest recipient of development cooperation for Germany at the “eye level.” Development cooperation can be broadly divided into two sections, the first being technical cooperation and the second is financial development cooperation.

We are celebrating 60 years of Indo-German development cooperation, he added. For trilateral alliances India is an important partner, he said.

Speaking to newsmen Head of the Department, Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), Dr. Prof. Claudia Warning, who is in Delhi for annual negotiations on development cooperation said she signed a protocol this morning worth Euro 765 million. Referring to the Paris Agreement She said India and Germany are very important partners in this Agreement. She said urbanisation in India is happening at the fastest pace in the world and managing this is an issue.

“Every two years we try to introduce new ideas. I fact, India is a provider of knowledge in German-Africa relations, Dr. Warning said adding that they will gain from the knowledge and experiences of India.

Responding to a question, Dr Ney replied India has put a lot of accent on renewable energy and wants us to be a full member on the board. Lauding India’s role in establishing the International Solar Alliance (ISA), Dr Ney said,” We cannot solve global problems without India. On climate change, we need India on board.”

Germany wants India to be successful, Dr. Ney added.

Asked if there was any monitoring authority on the German side to ensure that the funds reached the right place, Dr. Warning said , a body called KFW was the authority to ensure this. India, she said, has been receiving development cooperation funds to the tune of Euro 1 billion a year for the past five years.

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