Uzbek Cuisine


Uzbek cuisine has a deep history which is closely connected with Uzbek culture, language and traditions. The origin of many of them has deep roots and preserved traditional species. They are popular all over the world, such as pilaf, lagman, manti and others.

Located at the intersection of the caravan roads of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan for many centuries absorbed the most interesting and unusual


recipes of dishes from different countries.

Gastronomic tours to Uzbekistan provide a unique opportunity not only to taste famous Uzbek dishes every day, but also to become a true connoisseur of Uzbek cuisine.

It is very interesting to see firsthand how the main masterpieces of the Uzbek national cuisine are prepared: Uzbek cake in tandyr, aromatic pilaf, rich shurpa and samsa melting in the mouth!

Uzbekistan is also rich in an abundance of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Uzbek melons are rightly considered to be the most delicious in the world – this is the result of a unique combination of dry soil, poor watering and a high number of sunny days per year.