Pollution Noise, Air, Water?

It is easier said than done. This is a common phrase which is hard to find anywhere or is rather uncommon. An instance is talking about ‘pollution’ which finds its way in the slogans of politicians everywhere around the world, but nobody takes up action in the direction. Pollution has long been considered air pollution, water and other elements are forgotten. There has been a long talk on air pollution during the past few days considering it to be the month of Diwali when firecrackers were poised to poison the air leaving it unfit for living beings not alone humans causing various ailments of the respiratory tract. However, no one pays attention to the noise pollution that is equally harmful for the ears and subsequently the brain. Yes, noise does affect the brain functioning. But there is still no concept of noise pollution.

To begin with the government banned bursting of firecrackers up to the first week of January the coming year. As if the promulgated ban would be functional. Posters were put up at prominent places banning use of firecrackers as they caused a lot of smoke, but no mention of the loud thud they make when they burst. Animals get scared, pet dogs go under the beds of their owners and elderly people could do nothing except blocking the loud bursts with their palms on their ears, but does this really help. The answer is NO!

It, however, appears that noise pollution has not affected our lives so seriously as air pollution. It is not alone the fire crackers which needed to be banned. Sensible people should call for a ban on blaring horns of two-wheelers and heavy vehicles.

Stand at crossroads and the blaring horns will deafen you for a while. The buses do it, it seems deliberately while the two wheelers do it to announce their presence on the busy roads.

I recall an awkward incidence the other day when I discovered that some vehicle was blaring its horn just on the tail of my car, seeking to overtake on a road which was not wide enough for the purpose. It continued to do so till it disturbed my peace and murmured a choicest abuse (I had no other option to vent my anger)  on the driver who was happily blaring away. No one seemed to be disturbed either on the road or inside the vehicle full of passengers. Next came several motorbikes and other two wheelers making a shrill noise, so sharp that it almost turned me deaf. But those using those shrill horns seemed unaffected.

Such noises can be really harmful for the human health. If liquor vends can be banned in a certain distance of a religious place, why can’t these ‘hornys’ be banned usage in civilised zones?       

My question will remain unanswered because such noise is not considered pollution endangering the human brain and thinking process.

Even in gated societies, motorists do not shy from doing ‘beep beep’ unnecessarily on empty streets. RWAs of these gated societies seem to be deaf to this minor vice, maybe they are also so used to it that when they are behind the wheel, they do the same. To be true, the concept is non-existent. Blaring horns are not considered dangerous to human health, though they are extremely dangerous.

A time is about to come when someone in the corner will shout that noise pollution hurts the thinking process and affects the normal growth of a child, makes him deaf to such noises and he also turns into a horn blaring machine.

Right from the childhood an individual has to be made aware of the various pollutions, the water and the air. 

A concept has to be sown into the young minds, of sharp shrills and blaring horns causing damage to the brain.

People must realise that they are the ones responsible for polluting the air and atmosphere. When loud burst of fire crackers disturbs the sleep at three in the morning, somebody has to be responsible for checking such mischief and not allow the mischief mongers to become terrorists one day.

Already there are so many unchecked noises that disturb the peace during the day that more are intolerable.

Housing societies can be hell for some elderly people as construction and renovation of houses goes on unchecked any time of the day. Machines can be heard roaring in a calm corner of a society as the RWA is unaffected by such funny roars.

Noise pollution cannot be checked by switching off your vehicle at the red light of a busy crossing, but the inconsistent beeping or blaring horns have to banned to check noise pollution in the city.

Let go of these disturbing noises and let the calm prevail !

                                                                                                —-Amit Mittal

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