Russian Ambassador Eulogises Russia India Ties

12 July is an important date for Russia, having only been around since 1992. ‘Day of Russia is a worthy occasion for the Russian people which marks the renaissance of Russia as a sovereign country.

On 28 January, 1993, Russia had signed the bond and alliance with India which today resulted in 25th Anniversary of the document and the 71st Anniversary of the formation of diplomatic relations between the two countries as well.

In a letter NIKOLAY KUDASHEV, thanked chief guest at Russia day Sushma Swaraj, Indian Minister for External Affairs, for her contribution in empowering ties and cooperation between Russia and India.

Relations between Russia and India are becoming strong day by day. Annual summits that were held preferably in two countries were major encouragement to further advancement of cooperation.

Russian Ambassador said that the meeting, held between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sochi last month, was valuable for him to attend and witness. The next annual summit is set for this October in India.

On Russia day, it was seen that Russian-Indian friendship had become powerful by mutual affection and communication among people. Ambassador claimed that for our nations it is true that friendship is a simple soul dwelling in two bodies.

Russia will continue with India in terms of Russia-India trade, investment, and technology, scientific and cultural interplay in near future and beyond, said the Ambassador.

Friendship and strategic companionship of Russian and India have all the essentials to prosper for close observation and abundance of not only our nations, but also the world at large, said the Russian Ambassador.

By The Bluemoon Reporter Sonali Soni


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