What Ambassadors Say

Raising the level of economic cooperation so that it comes closer to the level of our political ties is our priority. The sectors with the greatest potential are agriculture, automotive (including tractors), IT, defence, tourism, film etc. Our business people are looking more closely than ever at the immense Indian market, they are negotiating with potential partners, , and I am sure that big things will be happening very soon. At the same time, we have had several major investments from India. These include the IT park built by Embassy Group from Bangalore and the acquisition of the Serbian tractor manufacturer IMT by TAFE from Chennai….. Read More..




High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji Yogesh Punja has appearance of an Indian, speaks Hindi but represents 333 islands in the Pacific that make up the Republic of Fiji. At first sight you might mistake him for an Indian. He spoke to The Blue Moon Editor Amit Mittal about the importance of solar energy for the Republic of Fiji. On the islands over one third of the total population of 900000, are persons of Indian origin most of whom were brought to Fiji between 1879 and 1916 under indenture system to work on sugarcane plantations. Indian traders also started arriving in Fiji in early 20th century.. Read More…..


Ambassador of Kuwait Jasem Ibrahem JM Al-Najem has been in India barely for few months, but he is busy making his plans to further strengthen people to people relations with India which has very cordial relations with Kuwait. THE BLUE MOON Editor Amit Mittal got an opportunity to speak to him about bilateral ties. Some excerpts from the talk with the Ambassador.. Read More….


Ambassador of the Argentine Republic, Daniel Chuburu who presented credentials to President Ram Nath Kovind in New Delhi on 17 April has all hands full. He is a busy diplomat who has a lot to do during the coming days. Although he considers that the relations with India are very good, there is yet a lot to be achieved. THE BLUE MOON Editor Amit Mittal spoke to him about his plans in his office. There are a lot of issues that we share with India in the international fora.  For Argentina, India is the sixth most important country, but there is lot more which can be done, he says. ....Read More….



After participating in vibrant Gujarat in 2015 and getting good success in it, Denmark came in again in 2017 as the partner country and signed a number of MoUs within the areas of energy, water, smart city and maritime; some of the participants even got concrete business opportunities on the spot. THE BLUE MOON interviewed  Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen of Denmark on the subject of trade and investment between India and his country. This is what he said:Read More….




THE BLUE MOON had an opportunity to speak to Ambassador Nejmeddine Lakhal of Tunisia who spoke about sweeping changes that have taken place in Tunisia after the popular revolution of dignity that took place in 2011 . He also talked about perspectives of prosperous Tunisia and Indian partnership. Some excerpts of the interview granted to Editor Amit Mittal.Ever since the Arab Spring of 2011 what has changed in the economy of the country?There have been lots of irreversible changes. Since the popular and peaceful revolution of January 2011,……. Read more….




Malta, an island-state with a population of 420,000, is the maritime hub of Europe and is set to hold the next Presidency of the European Union starting 2017. Although trade with India is proportionately small, Malta’s High Commissioner in New Delhi, Stephen Borg, has big plans for increasing the volume. THE BLUE MOON Editor Amit Mittal spoke to the newly appointed High Commissioner on his ambitious plans. Some Excerpts:……. Read More….


Cuba Amb 1With the United States lifting a 50-year-old ban on commercial air travel to Cuba in February this year, the Caribbean island nation is of growing interest to travellers, both business and leisure. Soon there could be a hundred flights operating daily between the US and Cuba. Moreover, South Korea and Cuba holding their first foreign ministerial talks in Havana, breaking decades-long absence of formal diplomatic exchanges between the two sides were concrete reasons to speak to Ambassador Oscar I. Martinez Cordoves of Cuba in New Delhi. THE BLUE MOON Editor………….Read more…..


czech 2Although Czech Ambassador Milan Hovorka is new to New Delhi, he has been fast enough in winning over friends with his affable nature and warm smile. Be it the first meeting with him, he makes one feel as if he is known to you for many years. THE BLUE MOON Editor Amit Mittal managed to get this interview with him in spite of the one hour delay in arrival at the Embassy due to Delhi’s notorious traffic jams. The Ambassador obliged with a smile as if saying, “I don’t mind.” Here are the excerpts from his interview :……… Read more…..


KazakhA natural continuation of the historical traditions of our relations was the signing of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership in January 2009, which was adopted during the successful visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to India, when he took part as the guest of honor in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Republic Day of India. In accordance with this important document, the two countries came to a new level of cooperation.. Read more……



  India’s relations with this country date back to a thousand years. During the past 200 years, the family of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman has had close relations with India. However, twenty years ago, the trade was not as much between India and Oman as it is today reaching a peak of USD 5.7 billion. It is a big jump. Oman is into many big projects with Indian companies. Oman is investing in solar energy and IT.  ..... Read more…..