Why not Donald Trump?

February 10, 2017 TBM 0

Ever since Donald Trump was elected the US President, there have been protests, against him. A cross section of Americans opposed him as being the […]

Islamic veils not welcome in Europe

January 26, 2017 TBM 0

Besides the spurt in Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism,  countries across Europe are also wrestling with various forms of face covering veils among Muslim women.  Under […]

No longer a noble profession

January 10, 2017 TBM 0

Till about three decades ago, it was considered a noble profession – the man with a stethoscope around his neck, sporting a white coat was […]

A sellers’ market

September 9, 2016 TBM 0

After so many economic reforms, India continues to be a sellers’ market and not the touted buyers’ market. Buyer is not the king at all. […]

RSS – Mask off

September 2, 2016 TBM 0

All pretensions have been shed, the RSS, in order to grab political power, has abandoned its basics of a social and cultural organisation, now it […]

When there is a law……

September 1, 2016 TBM 0

Where there is law, there has to be a loophole to circumvent the directions incorporated in the law. This is evident from the various directions […]